Co-Simulation using FMI


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20-sim is a modeling and simulation program for mechatronic systems. With 20-sim you can enter model graphically, similar to drawing an engineering scheme. With these models you can simulate and analyze the behavior of multi-domain dynamic systems and create control systems. You can even generate C-code and run this code on hardware for rapid prototyping and HIL-simulation. More information is available on the 20-sim website here.

FMI/FMU support for 20-sim

FMI support for INTO-CPS is provided using a code generation template. For 20-sim 4.5, this template can be downloaded from our Github repository here and the installation instructions can be found in the included README file. Starting with 20-sim 4.6, the template is available out of the box.

Instructions on how to set up automated compilation of the .fmu are given under the section External dependencies in the above README file.