Co-Simulation using FMI


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System Modelling with Modelio


Modelio is a combined UML/BPMN modeler supporting a wide range of models and diagrams.

Modelio’s main features:

A forum is available on the Modelio community site.


Modelio is open source software. Most of the source code is under the GNU GPL license. The module runtime, used to develop extensions to Modelio, is under the Apache license providing a very large degree of freedom to anyone wishing to reuse and embed the code.

Full details on Modelio licensing conditions can be found here.

Download and installation##

Modelio’s current version is 3.4.0.

Binary distribution archives for Linux and Windows are available on the download page of the Modelio community site.

Installation requirements and instructions can be found in our Quick start guide on the community site.

Modelio version contents can be found in the [[Version history]].

Installing INTO-CPS support

A specific project have been created into forge

This latter will help you with:

  1. A dedicated wiki
  2. Lattest version of INTO-CPS extension
  3. Issues reporting

To be able to use INTO-CPS extension into Modelio you have to first install the INTO-CPS module which is available here:

and then add it to the Modelio module catalog.

Add INTO-CPS extension



  1. Run the Configuration / 2 Modules catalog… command.
  2. To add a module, click on Add a module to the catalog… and use the file browser to select the modules (*.jmdac files).
  3. To remove a module, select the module in question and click on the Remove module from the catalog button.
  4. To download new versions of modules into the catalog, click on Check for new versions….

Installing modules in a project


####Installing a module in a project



For end users